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Protexx RM Wood Care Antique Wax - Colorless

Protexx RM Wood Care Antique Wax - Colorless

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Antique wax is a traditionally made wax based on natural raw materials, such as carnauba, candellilla, raw beeswax and turpentine oil. This solid wax is easy to process and is suitable for all wooden furniture with a wax finish (tables, cabinets, etc). Antique wax can also be applied very thinly over lacquered wooden furniture, but the maintenance advice for lacquered wooden furniture is preferably Elite polish. It refreshes the piece of furniture completely, camouflages small imperfections or damage and leaves a protective layer of wax. Processing advice
The surface to be treated must be clean. If necessary, first clean contaminated wax layers with Woodclean intensive wood cleaner. This is to prevent the contaminated wax layer from mixing with the new (clean) wax layer. It is better to apply two thin layers than one thick layer.

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